• APEC enhancing Replacement ROES PH75 FILTER MAX ESPH

      Several water filters reviews cover only commonly found filtration products such as carbon and how it is used for making water safer and better. APEC enhancing replacement ROES PH75 FILTER MAX ESPH is the system where dissolved solids and gasses stick to the solid medium’s surface. As the water flows through the carbon, impure […]

  • Water filters for the whole house

    There are many benefits to acquiring a whole house water filters system. The effect on family health ranks at the top of the list. These systems also meet certification standards, require little maintenance, supply all faucets, showers, and water with filtered water, require cartridge changes less often, and can save money over buying bottled water. […]

  • Water
    The Basics – Of a Kitchen Water Filter

    Nowadays, tap water is something we should avoid, if it is not filtered in the right manner that is. Unfiltered tap water is one of the main reasons for various health threats – from cancer to respiratory problems and skin problems. In other words, the enemy is in your house, every day of the week. […]